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API624 status bulletin updating Powell Valves implementation of the new API 624 Fugitive Emissions Standard.


Tim Fries - Vice President of Sales & Marketing
The Wm. Powell Company
(P): 513.852.2950 (C): 513.203.8250

The information provided in the PDF below relates to where Powell is presently in the process of implementing the new API 624 Fugitive Emissions Standard for API600 and API602 product. As we move forward we will continue to update our status.

Powell has been very instrumental in the development of the new API624 Standard. Powell’s Jim Hengehold, Senior Vice President of Engineering, was involved in the development of this standard. Due to our early involvement, Powell has been planning and engineering internally in anticipation of this standard. Powell is very much “ahead of the curve” on implementation of API624.

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