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Outline of API 622 and API 624 Testing Standards

Valve packing is a very significant source of Fugitive Emissions (FE).  In order to reduce fugitive emissions, the standards committee created four acceptable standards for fugitive emission levels.

Powell Valves offers API 622 compliant packing in all product lines and is proceeding with API 624 testing.

ISO 15848-1 Qualification Test and ISO 15848-2 Production Test API Standard 622 (FE packing test in test fixture). API Standard 624 (FE test of 622 packing in valve).
> Developed in 2006–still on 1st revision. > Developed in 2006.  2nd revision in 2011. > 1st published February 2014.
> Has many levels of testing and acceptance criteria, which makes it difficult for customers to evaluate performance. > Powell has qualified multiple API 622 packing suppliers. > Powell has completed testing.
> Uses the "global" test method. > Uses the local "sniffing/flushing" test method. > Uses the "sniffing" test method.
> Testing performed on valve. > API 622 test is performed in a test fixture designed to simulate a valve.  The test qualifies the "packing" only. > Testing of API 622 qualified packing in a Powell valve.
  ISO 15848-1 ISO 15848-2 API 622 API 624
Current Revision: 1st 2006-01-15 1st: 2006-08-15 Oct. 2nd, 2011 In process of 1st publication
Qualifies: Valve Design Production Packing Valve Design
EPA Method 21 compliant: Yes Yes Yes Yes
Prerequisite: None ISO 15848-1 qualified valve design None API 622 qualified packing
Test Medium: Helium or Methane Helium Methane Methane
Packing Tested in: Valve Valve Fixture Valve
Test Pressure: Rated Valve Pressure at Test Temperature per ASME B16.34 6 bar (87 psi) 0-600 psi The lower of 600 psi or maximum allowable pressure at 500°F (260°C) per B16.34
Test Temperature: Variable[1] Ambient Ambient and 500°F (260°C) Ambient and 500°F (260°C)
Mechanical Cycles: Variable[1] 5 1,510 310
Thermal Cycles: Variable[1] 0 5 3
Allowable Packing Adjustments: 1 0 1[2] 0
Measured Units: mg/sec-m ppm ppm ppm
Acceptance Criteria: Variable[1] Variable[3] 500 ppm 100 ppm
Qualification Coverage: Same basic design Stem Diameters: 50% lower and 200% higher. Pressure class: Same class and lower[4]. N/A Packing Only Variable[4][5]

[1] ISO 15848-1 has several different classes for the acceptance criteria, number of test cycles, and test temperatures. [2] Packing adjustment allowed if leakage exceeds 500 ppm.

[3] Acceptance criteria is based on the leakage class the design was tested to per ISO 15848-1.

[4] Valve must be same basic stem and packing design. Gate and globe valves each require separate qualification testing due to the difference in a non-rotating stem (gate) and a rotating stem (typical globe).

[5] The scope of the standard is class 150 through 1500 valves, 24" and smaller.

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